First Name :   Paula
Date :   9/8/15
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   I am just starting my trailer. I am wanting to redue the bathroom but I dont know anything about rv toilets. could you tell me where to start?
First Name :   David
Date :   4-14-2015
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Hi! Love your trailer. I have a 64 myself and have just started dismantling it for a full shell-on refurb. I have a few questions if you dont mind. Did you reuse the twist latches on the cabinets? My refrigerator vent is slightly damaged and wondered if y
First Name :   Steve Walker
Date :   April 7, 2013
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Your Airstream looks fabulous behind the Cadillac. I just bought a 64 Safari off eBay and will be towing it behind my 64 Lincoln. Just thought Id share.
First Name :   Wendy
Date :   2/13
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Hi , I am restoring a 64 Safari.. with same configuration as yours and am completly perplexed on bathroom, especially where water pump should be.. I cant find one and suspect it is missing.. Where would I put a new one?? and will it run off 110 or should
First Name :   Joe Carnevale
Date :   11-23-2012
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   I am restoring a 64 Safari. Do you have the plans for the front pull out bed?
First Name :   Yolanda Lozano
Date :   10-10-12
Email Address (optional) :   yolozano@
Comment :   In May we bought a 27FB International Serenity, named Bella. She needs a winer cooler. Any info you can share on manufacturer would be great. Great job!
First Name :   Bruce
Date :   9/26/12
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Are you towing your Bambi with a 1963 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (red with a white top)? That is the most beautiful car Detroit ever built. My dream is to tow my Bambi with one. I have a 1964 Bambi. The title says 1964 and it is 17 long but the emblem
First Name :   Allan
Date :   Sept 9, 2012
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Do you have any pics to share of how you built th frony bed? we just purchased a 64 Safari and that is really the only change I hope to make at this time. Im trying to get engineering ideas. I plan to make ours a queen. Thanks, Allan from Iowa
First Name :   joe
Date :   9-4-12
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Hi, I am just starting my 1964 Safari. How did you remove the tub-sink-toilet? did you have to remove the back wall below the back window to remove it? Nice job on yours.
First Name :   Cassidy
Date :   August 15, 2012
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Hi! We just bought a 1964 Airstream and plan to Renovate it completely. We may keep up to 10% of the interior but for now have been salvaging from other trailers to make it usable again. This is our first attempt at anything trailer related, so wish us lu
First Name :   Bill
Date :   02-19-2012
Email Address (optional) :   
Comment :   sweet
First Name :   Finis
Date :   9/27/2011
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Great pictures!
First Name :   Carla
Date :   8/6/11
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   I have a 64 Overlander that I want to begin working on sometime this year. I really appreciate sites like yours that will be helpful to find parts and ideas. Thanks!
First Name :   nora
Date :   7/7/11
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   totally rude question. but i am looking at the same model and year of your airstream. needs work. loads of work and they are asking 3500.00 does this seem fair? thanks a million and marlo is awesome!
First Name :   Bill
Date :   7/3/2011
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   If you find it missing, Nora and I have it! Bill and Nora Whirl, Hermitage, PA
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