First Name :   Ron
Date :   5-30-11
Email Address (optional) :   
Comment :   Havent seen the inside yet, but the outside looks good and the Caddy is the right tow vehicle.
First Name :   Randy
Date :   4/19/2011
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Nice job all the way around. You and this site are an inspiration for a bunch of folks that want a vintage Airstream.
First Name :   Eric
Date :   3/13/11
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Hi, Great job on your trailer. You did it right and it shows. I have been restoring a 64 Ohio Tradewind and I am tired of carrying the tire in the tow vehicle. I love the chrome cover. Did you have a bracket in place for you to mount the tire or di
First Name :   Laura
Date :   1 22 2011
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Nice job! We have newly acquired a 62 Safari. Im trying to convince my husband that we need to remove the cabinets and re-do the flooring. The bathroom has soft spot. How difficult was it to remove and reinstall the cabinets? Thanks Laura & Steve
First Name :   Dennis
Date :   10-6-2010
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Very nice. Do you still have her? My wife and I have just purchased our 1st trailer Aug-2010. A 1964 Airstream Safari also. We call her Ethel. We have been renovating and camping ever sense. Lots more to see and do. Photos on Vintage Airstream Forum. http
First Name :   Dennis
Date :   May 11, 2010
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   We enjjoyed following your progress with your 64 Safari. We are renovating a 70 Safari. Do you have schematics or drawing you would share of plumbing & electric. We appreciate anything you would share. tHANK YOU.
First Name :   Kent Scheer
Date :   dec 7,09
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Im researching pullout beds for a guest caravan Im building. Im sure you feel yours is self explanatory, but I dont quite get it. Would you show or tell me more ?
First Name :   Sheldon
Date :   11/19/2009
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Great looking restore. I have a 1965 Yellowstone and I need the same tail light lens covers and was wondering if you guys have had any luck locating them. Thanks. P.S. Great job!!
First Name :   Oscar
Date :   8/19/2009
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Wow! Beautiful Airstream. We have a 1964 Airstream but not 100% restore as yours is. My wife and I want to take advantage this piece of art but it needs minor work. How much did you spend on the restoration of your Airstream? Thank you very much for your
First Name :   brian hiler
Date :   03/15/09
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Im looking at a 64 Safari tomarrow and came across your site. Outstanding job, if I purchase I will follow alot of your procedures. I would like to know your resources for materials, if you dont mind. Thanks Brian Again very COOL!!!!!
First Name :   Malcolm
Date :   1/3/09
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   hi, i just joined the airstream forum and found one of your posts and got to your website. I am looking for a vintage trailer and tow vehicle and am very interested to see you towing with a non-truck classic car. I am thinking of a Safari. I live in south
First Name :   Ben
Date :   10-21-2008
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Love your work Im getting to purchase a 66 Safari. Can you explain how you installed the AC with the refigerator and firplace.
First Name :   john
Date :   9-09-08
Email Address (optional) :   
Comment :   nice restoration,im working on buying a silver streak.early 50s. approxmently 35-40 ft. long to restore.
First Name :   pat
Date :   august 22, 2008
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   come join us and share your adventures in your rv with our community... I hope! Thanks Pat see us at
First Name :   Lee
Date :   August 14, 2008
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Nice web site and trailer named Marlo, ours is named Zeno after a person that worked at my Uncles gas station back in the early 60s, he was a fix it up kind of guy.
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