First Name :   Gilda
Date :   7/29/08
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   Congratulations on such an amazing transformation! Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your photos and experiences. We are restoring a 1960 Shasta Trailer and found your site through the awning review. Cheers, Gilda
First Name :   chris
Date :   7/1/08
Email Address (optional) :   cweydeveld@YAHOO.COM
Comment :   Beautiful Safari, nice work. I have a 64 Safari that just started to leak from somewhere around the hot water heater. Can you direct me to a resource that can help me trouble shoot this? Is it a split in the tank? A loose fitting? A pressure release? I do
First Name :   charles
Date :   01/31/08
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Comment :   I love your airstream !!! Good job on the restoration. I restored a 1964 Overland Airstream. 26 Same basic original look, cabinets, layout was slightly longer. I keep it at my deer lease. I am looking for same year Safari or Globe trotter for weekend camp
First Name :   Todd
Date :   11/13/07
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Comment :   Hello, I just stumbled across your website while perusing the web for anything and everything about 1964 Airstream Safaris. I too have a 64 Safari, the double model. I would really enjoy discussing in greater detail the trials and tribulations of your
First Name :   mitch
Date :   10/06/07
Email Address (optional) :
Comment :   hello there...i just started a 62 overlander and i live in from the photos it looks like you are close by .. i may need some pointers...mitch hancher
First Name :   Bryan
Date :   14 Aug 07
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Comment :   sweet! I see Marie is still beautiful, too. We sold our 25ft Coachman last year (sigh) I had it 12 years and we used it a lot. Disney world has a nice campground, but rig up a temporary AC if you go there. Yore ol pal, Bryan
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